The Birth of Athena

The Birth of Athena
Birth of Athena (c. 570-560 BCE, found in Thebes), from Wikimedia Commons.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Metis

Titan trickster

Though you hate this day.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Metis

Wherever you may be

Squatting naked


Without Adorno

In the dark, murderous

Regions of your husband’s brain.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Metis,

Swallowed up

Like a fly

Small & cunning

In the gut

Of the king

Yet uncontrollable


In his head

The helmet

Of Athena, goddess of wisdom, daughter of yours.

Happy Mother’s Day, dear Metis

Dissident daughter

Of Ocean and Seas

Spreading legs, blowing minds

Yours, ours, Zeus’s

Smashing convention & skull

& birthing

a new kind of Reason


Empirical, Dominant

Shorn of poetry & magic

Dooming us all.  




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