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Dear Treasured Reader—

If you’re seeing this note, I’d like to think you’ve spent some time perusing our site and enjoying the many wonders we have to offer. I’m sure you appreciate the blood, sweat and tears our writers have poured into their works—even those works that float by as breezily as a spring afternoon. Good writing is hard work.

Here at The Piltdown Review, we believe that writers should be paid for that hard work. A cent a word may not seem like much, but to a writer it comes as welcome, tangible recognition of the value in what they do. And on our end, in the back office, those cents add up to quite a pile of dollars.

That’s right. I hate to say it, but running a journal like this one costs real money, even without the overhead of print. Advertising revenue and submission fees help, but we still spend far more on infrastructure costs and writer compensation than we take in.

For that reason, I hope you’ll consider supporting us on Patreon. As little as one dollar a month will go a long way toward helping us keep the lights on . . . and toward giving our writers at least a modicum of the compensation they so richly deserve.

Gratefully yours,

William Shunn signature

William Shunn, Editor
The Piltdown Review

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