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In Quiet

In Quiet

the peasant

I like it when quiet paints a portrait,

moon-like countenance.

the queen

In the background,

day plays away at everything

the world needs for movement.

the painter

I see a grey-hue rainbow, moss

brushing soft roots into the rough

surface of world.  




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Painting, in an Old Kitchen, Thinking of the Sea

Painting, in an Old Kitchen, Thinking of the Sea

You stand beside the window as I catch a simple scene: Payne’s gray countertop, a bit of teal to wash the walls, hot pink oil to fry the shrimp.


Soon you will speak to an empty room, calmed by the weight of echoes, of space. Alone you become a snowflake of grief.


FIRST PRIZE WINNER. Beware. In the swamps of northern Louisiana, secrets as lethal as any gator may lurk just beneath the surface.



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    a poem by Robert J. Howe
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