Long Eared Owl: Refuse Container Outside the Metropolitan Museum

Long Eared Owl: Refuse Container Outside the Metropolitan Museum
Irving Underhill, Metropolitan Museum of Art (1914), from Wikimedia Commons. Owl photograph from Bigstock. Photo manipulation by William Shunn.

Raking cracked leaves by the Met Museum.

A paper like an Order for unsealing in a canister

Came in: they found your father’s father on the roadside

Here lieth First Man. Let the new ones in.

The street sweeper post-felon cleaner found you

a Cleric of cracked oak trees, Long Eared Owl there

only slightly varied, by ripped finger ears

the Order came with an administered penalty.

We are born, men like me, on the outside looking in,

with no more 2nd chances, the unsanitary removal

splashes cupped cracked leaves—C.S. Bishop, 1849

invented the first street sweeping machine.

This quest from outside, Rembrandt, Renaissance,

The American Tank Company was built on sweat and leaves.

Papers picked from beneath benches

to those who requested leave without pay.

Newer machines collected smaller particles of debris

Like an Order for Unsealing outside the Met,

Your history is that of a choreography, convicted

like a brush-stroke of deep verdant oil on a Catalan landscape.

The Long Eared Owl stared out our pined-up years.  

shortlink: dogb.us/owl



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