On reading “7-Year-Old Girl Starves in U.S. Border Patrol Custody”

On reading “7-Year-Old Girl Starves in U.S. Border Patrol Custody”
Photograph by Stan Shebs (2005), cropped from original. CC BY-SA 3.0.

I heap my family’s plates as if

that would feed her. But who

can chew? Even two thousand

miles away, anyone can

smell the whitethorn acacia,

yellow sweetclover, desert

ghost flowers still blooming

in the dead of night. How

am I to keep scrubbing

plates soiled with hunger

as if they could be cleaned,

& those flowers—

must their faint scent fill me

with such appetite?  

shortlink: dogb.us/border



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So we go out, our descent reconnaissance for the collective. We perform experiments with swirled words, crescent-moon eyes, and report.


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