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Piltdown Cometh

Piltdown Cometh

Piltdown Man was the most infamous hoax in the history of paleoanthropology, confounding experts for decades.

The Piltdown Review is a journal of remarkable finds. Like Piltdown Man, everything that appears here was constructed by human beings striving for the greatest possible verisimilitude.

We publish fiction that balances elegant writing with actual story, and poetry that hits you in the sweet spot. In short, we bring you the sort of work that we prefer to read. We hope it will delight and confound you.

We’ll make our official debut on Wednesday, May 23, 2018, with a classic short story reprint. Many wonderful things will follow over the subsequent weeks, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, consider submitting your work. Maybe you’ll find yourself among our first remarkable discoveries.  



More Remarkable Finds


The women sit before a turkey, baked for hours, always counting the minutes, tapping feet to a tune.
If It Were Not So

If It Were Not So

As kids, we jumped on grandpa’s sinkhole, plywood-lined, dandruff-sporing bed and wore his chamber pot as a hat.
Dark Eyes

Dark Eyes

We all want to be seen and understood for who we really are. Until, of course, that wish comes true.



  • The Birth of Athena
    a poem by Cash Myron Toklas
  • Ten for Ever and Ever for Tenner
    a story by Heron Greenesmith
  • from Borrowings of the Shan Van Vocht
    poems by Catherine Moore
  • In the Long Ago
    a poem by Jose Oseguera
  • Resurrection in Pivka
    a story by Robert Klose
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