On a Folksy Painting of Kids Throwing Die, Harlem | Jonathan Andrew Pérez | The Piltdown Review

On a Folksy Painting of Kids Throwing Die, Harlem

On a Folksy Painting of Kids Throwing Die, Harlem

Tap tap tap foretold the stoop’s cartomancy ahead,

Green worms ravage the expected shrine,

bend moonward & escape between sweltering summer law enforcement sweeps.

Throw die: twitch in heaven, shoot out by spring flecked grass bumps

angelic flecked spirit nets: Catch what youth has gambled, return our allowance,

Paint fury over this was an accident, don’t arrest him, the dark path deserved a mural of sweat.

Not reborn, nor murdered, this vigil tightly wound,

all bets on snake eyes—for candlelight Heroes who never had a chance.

I stood upright in the evening to paint the canvas back.  



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