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Tanyo Ravicz

Beringia (Part II)

Beringia (Part II)

With civilization—and civilized behavior—far behind her, what remains to mark a modern archaeologist superior to her Ice Age forebears? A devastating adventure concludes.
Beringia (Part I)

Beringia (Part I)

In an Alaskan landscape transformed by global warming, the archaeological find of a lifetime sets off a chain of irreversible events between lifelong rivals. An Arctic epic begins.



  • Voodoo Dodo
    a poem by Jonathan Andrew Pérez
  • Free Golf
    a story by Rob Keast
  • Ship of Fools: Surviving Fragment of Triptych
    a poem by Rose Auslander
  • Portrait
    a poem by Roger W. Hecht
  • Emmaus
    a story by Mark Wagstaff
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